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A nearly unbeatable hand at poker May. 12th, 2008 @ 09:25 pm
And one more boy makes Four of a Kind. That's right, yesterday (Mother's Day), my wife gave birth to our fourth beautiful baby boy.  7lbs 8ozs, mother and baby are doing great.
                                    - Craig
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My Three Sons Mar. 28th, 2006 @ 08:47 pm
That's right as of 8:44 AM this morning (3/28) I am the proud father of 3 beautiful boys. The baby was 7lbs 5ozs and 20 inches long. Mother and Baby are doing fine.
Link for pictures
- Craig
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Esquire Hardest Quiz Dec. 23rd, 2005 @ 12:43 pm

So I realize that I havent posted in a long time but I thought this was pretty cool.

Back in the December Issue of Esquire they had "The Hardest Quiz Ever" (Click for Questions) . It was a list of 50 questions that required knowledge, thought and some incredible Google skills. They said that anyone who gets all th answers by Nov 28th will be listed in the February issue of Esquire as "Esquire's Smartest Readers". Anyone who knows me realizes that that is not something I could pass up without trying. Anyway I submitted my answers and I just got the following email from Esquire:

Greetings and Congratulations!
You have submitted the correct answers to our December issue's "Hardest Quiz Ever", a feat worthy of much greater compensation than we are actually offering!
As promised, we will be printing the names of "Esquire's Smartest Readers Ever" in the early pages of our February issue.

So look for me in the February issue if you are a subscriber. And if you want the answers they are published here

                       - Craig

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The day I broke my leg - Part I Feb. 23rd, 2005 @ 11:29 am
Okay so I havent written in a really long time. But on 2/17 at approximately 8:00am I had a life changing event. Not the good kind. Here is the story, I will flesh it out more over the next couple of days/weeks/months but here is the overview:

2/17 - Woke up. Bassi and I got the kids ready, fed them got them dressed. Yaakov (3) was going to school and Binny (15 months) was going to his babysitters house. As per our usual I was going to take Yaakov and Bassi was going to take Binny. We left the house at 7:30. It was cold but it was supposed to warm up as the day progressed. I noticed that I needed gas. Pulled into a station and filled up. At the station I noticed that the Megamillions jackpot was up to 70 Million. I didn't want to get out at the gas station to get a ticket because I had Yaakov with me. I dropped Yaakov off at school. It was about 7:45. I was running a little early so I decided to stop at the convenience store near work to get lottery tickets. I got out of my car and closed the door. I took one step slipped on the ice and heard a VERY loud snap. My leg collapsed under me. I screamed. I started pounding the ground and screaming for help. I had no idea how bad my leg was but I was sure that it was broken. I could not move at all. I began to shake violently, probably from going into shock. Four or five people can running over. One of them slipped on the ice herself. She was okay. They gave me something to put under my head. They tried to cover me with a blanket to keep me warm. Someone called 911. I dont know how long it was but the cops showed up and began asking several questions. They wanted to know if I had injured anything other than the leg. I said that I thought it was only my leg. I tried to move my right leg (the injured one) on top of the left leg for support. I have never felt such pain in my life. The leg burned and ached at the same time. I felt like the leg was pointing to the right but when I looked at it it was pointing left. I began humming to get my mind off the pain. Shortly Franklin Lakes EMTs arrived. They wanted to stabilize the leg. One EMT told me that there was an obvious fracture. The first thing they tried to do was to put an aircast on the leg. The pressure from the aircast caused me to scream out in pain. Then they tried to put some pillows around it. I screamed some more. Eventually they got me onto the stretcher and into the ambulance. The EMTs wanted to know what hospital wanted to go to. I told them that Holy Name was closest to me house. They took one look at my leg and said no way. I needed a hospital with a good trauma center. They decided on Hackensack. There was apparently a tremendous amount of traffic on route 208 due to rush hour. So the ambulance driver had to use the shoulder. That was very bumpy, and my leg was not stable because it was too painful. Eventually we got to the ER. This was the first time I really got to look at the leg. My knee was pointing to the right but the foot was pointing to the left. Not pleasant. The time was approximately 8:30am. The EMTs told me that they would call Bassi at work and have her meet me here. They said that I needed an advocate and they were right. Bassi got to the hospital at 9:00am and stayed by my side. It took them another hour before they even triaged me. All this time I am sitting on a hospital stretcher in the middle of the hall in the ER. Anytime someone passes me they take one look at my leg and go (ugh). One 6 year old kid passed by and I thought he was going to puke after looking at my foot. About 10:00 (2 hours after breaking my leg) they finally give me a shot of morphine. This does nothing to kill the pain but it does make me calm down a little bit. The doctor come by and give me another shot of morphine. Still no help. The hospital starts an IV line. The doctor give me a shot of something that starts with an L. I can remember the name. That helped a little. Eventually they got me into X-Ray. I would find out later that the leg was broken in two places. My Tibia and my Fibula were fractured all the way through. The bones had swivelled around inside the leg. My only option would be surgery, more on that in the next post.
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Argh!!! Dec. 16th, 2003 @ 09:33 am
So the meeting that was supposed to take place yesterday did not take place. Now they are apparently meeting this coming Monday at the staff meeting for the CIO. THEN it goes to the HR Tribunal. It just seems like every time I am about to find out about my job something comes up. Anyway I should know for sure on or about next Monday. Of course I have said that several times already :(
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Other entries
» My future
There is a meeting going on sometime today to decide if my client should offer me a job and how much they should offer me if they do (the above mentioned HR Tribunal). This stresses me out. I have been assured by all the right people that the job will be offered but somehow that is not enough for me. I need to know for sure. I should find out today or tomorrow but I don't know when. I somehow feel that if I knew when I would feel better. Anyway just anxious and stressed out. Also pretty sleep deprived, a two year old and a six week old will do that to you. I wish I had more to keep myself occupied with, things are just going in slow motion today.
» A large elephant named Saddam
Okay I am paraphrasing George Carlin here but if I dont at least mention Saddam being captured then it is like a giant elephant sitting on a couch in the living room and nobody talks about it. So here goes:
I dont think that it is that big a deal. I understand that emotionally it will help a lot of people get over what he was capable of. But the problem is that he WAS capable of those things. When he was found he was no more dangerous than the freaky relative everyone has that smells bad and doesnt know how to have a conversation. I mean he had very little in the way of weapons on him. But even more importantly he had NO means of communication. He can not possibly be running anything. I think that there are much more dangerous individuals that we still need to capture. I dont think that this will bring us any closer to the WMD. And yes I do still believe that they exist although I dont have high hopes of them being found. I am not offering a position on the war in Iraq, not saying good or bad. I just dont think that the capture of Saddam makes anyone safer. I will however concede that it will make people feel better, and I suppose that is good.
Now please dont get me wrong. I think that the soldiers in Iraq are doing a great job. I am in awe of the things they do every day without question. I also dont think that the government has overblown this. I heard several reports tat bush's initial reaction to Saddam being caught was "That's nice". I agree and I applaud the govt for being pretty low key about. A small announcement, no frills. The medicare bill got more fanfare, and I have PLENTY to say about that, but later. The media however could not get enough of this story. The Today show in NY actually built a replica of the hole Saddam was living in, give me a break. You people need to get your heads screwed back on.
» Post Party Update
Well the office party was great. I got to say hello to people I havent seen in ages. I am going to miss these people. It wast so bad not telling people about the job stuff, especially after my 4th or 5th beer :).
I eat only Kosher and Sophia, the Admin in our office is well aware of this. Most years I ask her if it is possible toget Kosher food at the party. She always orders it and usually something goes wrong. ONe year they forgot it entirely. Another year they remmembered it but forgot to warm it up. This is not that big a deal because the party in is NYC and I can always find an open restarautn after the party to grab a bite to eat. This year I didn't bother asking her, I figured I would just get something afterwards. But then Sophia calls me up and says, I got anentire table of Kosher food for you. That is 15 kosher meals, from Levana's, a VERY good kosher restaraunt in the City. The only problem with an entire kosher table is, I am the ONLY one in the company who keeps kosher. When I got there there were indeed 15 kosher meals laid out on the table for me. They were actually different there was steak and fish and chicken. All of it really good. NO I did not eat them all. I had parts of 2 and I brought 3 meals home with me. Talk about good leftovers. I actually convinced some people to try the kosher meals with me. It was fun. Didn't get home too late but Bassi had a really hard time waking me to get the baby. I promised I would get him tonight.
» Before the Party
So the Headstrong (My current employer) holiday party is tonight. I enjoy going to these things because I like the people and I dont get to see them often enough. But this party is different. I know that I am probably leaving but most people there dont know. And I dont really want to tell them in case the deal falls through. I know that it probably wont but I am just being careful.
» Work Update
Okay so dealing with a large company is not something I have had to do before. They first started talking to me about a job offer back in October. It is now December and nothing is official yet. I know that this hapens with large companies but I wish I had more information. Basically the offer had to be approved by a Director, a VP and a Senior VP. I have been assured that all of that has happened. So why no offer yet? Well after all the approvals the offer goes to some thing called, I kid you not, the "HR Tribunal". I feel like I am on Survivor and I have to hope I dont get kicked off the island. I dont even like Survivor when it involves other people.
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